Taking pet to Malaysia, you need to apply for an entry permi. After arrive at Kuala Lumpur , the pets needs isolation for 7 days, but do not need to test serum. The following procedures must be followed:

1, Injection of rabies vaccine and chip. Rabies vaccine is valid 30-365 days, the chip must start with IS011785/11784. Injection is recommended, but not mandatory.

2, Physical examination for a health certificate. Check 21 days after injection of rabies, and luggage check 30 days later.

3, Entry permit: Pets need to have a valid entry permit issued by the director of the Malaysia veterinary service center, or the state of the animal Immigration Department.

4, Isolation: Except for Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Brunei, Japan and Sweden, cats and dogs to Malaysia need to be isolated for 7-30 days, birds 10-30 days. 3-4 order ringgit (Myr) / days; isolation and certificate: 2 make ringgit (Malaysia coins) / head, the entry permit: 5 ringgit (Myr) / head.

Malaysia ports of pet entry: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Subang Airpor. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Senai International Airport, Bayan Lepas International Airport, Penang, Labuan International Airport, Labuan ft.

Pet competent department DVS web site:

Malaysia special provisions: What need to pay attention to is that the breed of pet cats and dogs in Malaysia is limited. The level of restriction is divided into two levels, respectively, the entry permitted and entry prohibited. The following is list of these two kinds. Hope we carefully check their pets (dogs), conditional entry varieties include: bull mastiff, bulldog, Doberman dogs, German Shepherd / Alsatian dog, (German) Rottweiler dogs. Only 3-month older pet are allowed to entry. One person can only take a pet.