Korea pet entry requirements

Korea’sentry on the pet has relatively strict and clear rules, Paichuan PETTRAVEL travel staff will demonstrate the major procedures and help you make preparations in advance.

1, Health certificate

Health certificate issued only 7 days before the departure is valid. The certificate should be signed by the veterinary, the above stated ( the veterinary must be approved by the veterinary authorities responsible for issuing exit certificate) the pet not suffering from any infectious disease, bacterial disease and rabies.

2, The rabies immunization certificate

Note: Living rabies elimination countries (such as Britain, Ireland, Australia and other countries) for 6 months before entering the other countries, this certificate is not required. However, for pet care, when arrive at the destination, it’s better to inject the rabies vaccine to confirm the customs.

3, Serum rabies antibody test

Once get the serum report, you can can go through the exit check, no more waiting.