Pets entry to Japan has to go through complicated procedures, please read the following text. I hope you will have a general understanding of the whole process. The following are the main requirements:

1. An installation of electronic identity chip

Dogs and cats, before entering Japan, are required injection chip.

2. Rabies vaccination

Injection twice including rabies vaccine (for dogs for seven, cat to quadruple), two vaccine interval at least a month, until the second vaccine injection is completed. At least two weeks later, pets can pick serum samples. After the serum samples tested, if qualified, the pets can leave the country in 180 days.

3. Serum test

The rabies serum antibody must be detected by French laboratory NANCY laboratory qualification examination before export. Currently there is no through laboratory qualification examination in China. By the State General Administration of quality supervision, all the pets planing enter Japan should send serum samples to laboratories. Serum samples sent should be with the attached withhealth certificate issued by local clinical agent which take the serum samples. It shoud proof the dogs and cats has no infectious disease. Also, the certificate must indicate the companion animals were implanted with chip number.

4. After passing the test, it should be reported to the inspection and quarantine institutions to get the health certificates for exit.

Management process:

Consulting Preparing materialsSign a contractPrepare the air box drinking deviceThe first vaccine injectionThe second vaccine injectionBlood testsBooking pet locationPhysical inspection and boardingArrived in Japan and quarantine.