Australia and New Zealand entry terms are the same in terms of pet entry. Both countries do not allow pets direct entry from mainland China, so must transit through qualified third-party countries or regions. Travelers carrying the pets to Australia or New Zealand can go through Hong Kong or Singapore. Below is the relevant procedures for reference:

(1) Transit time. Pets entry the third countries or regions (for example: Hong Kong or Singapore) after the required residence time must stay 45-180 days or more.

(2) Implanted electronic chip. Pets must be implanted in electronic chip to identify the identity. Also, the number of the chip must appear in all the relevant documents.

(3) Health certificate in transit place. Apply for a health certificate 48 hours in advance of departure. And pet health certificate must be made by transit (eg: Hong Kong) official licensed veterinarian issued. Immigration to New Zealand, pets must be younger than 9 months.

(4) Proof of rabies vaccination. That is also the certificate card against rabies immunization.

(5) Sera. Pet extracted serum. Serum samples will be sent to the designated laboratory for serological testing to determine the serum concentration of rabies antibodies 0.5IU / ml. If it failed, the test again until test result qualified.

(6) Apply for an entry permit. Into Australia or New Zealand, you need to apply for an entry permit in advance to obtain the license before allowing entry. Information should be submitted when applying:

※ Details of exporters, such as: Paichuan PET TRAVEL Hong Kong or Singapore

※ Details of the inlet side, such as: the territory of Australia or New Zealand Pet recipient

※ Details of animals, including: name, age, breed, sex, etc.

※ Pet medication and treatment history

※ Electronic chip information

※ Other details, such as: exporting countries, immigration Airport

※ Quarantine pet shelter

※ Veterinarian exit declaration documents, mainly for the pet's health status

※ Rabies serum antibody test results

When submitting the application, you need to pay a certain application fee (only the first application fee 480AUD, after each 480AUD). After approval, a license file can be returned to exporters by email, fax or mail.

Processing time required to complete the formalities section?

About 6 months is required to complete the formalities section. Time is divided as follows: vaccinated, 30 days after the serum sample. Staying six months after the departure. Because in a third country (such as: Hong Kong or Singapore), you can stay there and handle the relevant procedures, then travel time wouldn’t be extended.

After the entry of pet quarantine?

Pets after entering Australia or New Zealand must be isolated for at least 10 days and cost 1461 credits. Real isolation time will be based on the actual length of time. If the pet after extracting serum samples through a third country (such as: Hong Kong) to stay 45-180 days, and the relevant procedures are complete, it will not be asked to extend the quarantine period.

How’s  living conditions in Hong Kong or Singapore and the destinations?

Paichuan PET TRAVEL has specialized Hong Kong representative office. And the pets will be taken good care of by our workers in HK  or Singapore after arrival there. Pets was under care one-by-one and there is a fixed place of activities. We will conduct a monthly pet health routine examination. Pets can be well adapted to living in Hong Kong. In addition, Hong Kong or Singapore representative office will handle all formalities, and strictly control the time, so it does not affect pet travel.

In Australia or New Zealand, pet isolation is controlled by the local government. The pet is divided into separate and isolated group isolation. That means you can choose whether to allow more than one pet share a room or one pet one single room. The difference exist in the cost.